Fairness Opinions

A fairness opinion is a document prepared by an experienced investment banker or business valuation specialist, which states whether or not a transaction is fair from a financial point of view. The fairness opinion speaks to the fairness of the financial terms of a transaction, as of a specific date.  The opinion only speaks to the fairness from a financial prospective and is not intended to establish the fairness from a legal standpoint.  Fairness Opinions represent the judgment of an independent and experienced professional, utilizing recognized principles of valuation, about the fairness of the financial terms of a transaction.  

Common Reasons for Fairness Opinions

  • Support the board of directors and management in fulfilling their obligations to provide information to shareholders
  • Prevent conflicts of interest in company transactions, investments and restructurings between related parties
  • Documentation and evidence in legal disputes
  • Limit the risk of an excessive over payment for a transaction, or acceptance of a price that is too low

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