Business Valuations in Divorce / Marital Settlement


Sun Business Valuations is frequently engaged to provide support in family law and divorce disputes. Sun Business Valuations is called upon to determine the value of the company held in the marital estate. When business ownership is part of a divorce, the business is often the largest marital asset. Furthermore, business value is generally the most disputed asset in terms of value, complicated by the fact that, as a privately held entity, there is no readily available market pricing for the shares.

Utilizing a Business Valuation expert to appraise the value of the business is often the most equitable way to establish the true value of the business.


Sun Business Valuation has extensive experience in performing valuations and if necessary providing expert testimony in equitable distribution matters. This role is carried out either as an expert for one of the parties, or working together with both parties in an effort to achieve amicable resolution in a more cost effective way. Sun Business Valuations is a professional certified business valuation firm that will provide an accredited third party business valuation that will likely mitigate conflict by leading the parties to achieve an equitable settlement.

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