What information will you need to prepare the business valuation?

We compile information about the operational aspects, intangibles, and risk factors impacting your company through the use of detailed questionnaires; shareholder interviews, and a review of all pertinent company information. Our ability to fully understand all financial and operational aspects of a client’s company enables us to better achieve the valuation objective and support our conclusions. This requires a full understanding of the financial statements or corporate tax returns (typically 3 years, plus available interim information) and any associated recasting adjustments to account for owner benefits; perquisites; one-time and non-recurring expenses; intangible assets; and the operational and industry risk factors that can substantiate higher or lower valuation conclusions. We also work with our clients to develop realistic projections when necessary.

What are the fees associated with your valuation services?

Sun Business Valuations, LLC has a reputation for providing professional services at very cost effective, affordable fee structure. Since the scope of an Engagement and nature of the valuation can differ on a case by case basis, the cost of our valuation services is determined on a case-by-case basis. Sun Business Valuations provides a consultation at no charge to understand the specifics about your company and reason for a business valuation. During that initial phone consultation, Sun will provide a fixed fee for services.

What is the “turn-around time” to complete a business valuation?

Valuations are required or sought for a specific purpose, wherein timely results are typically an important factor. Sun has the resources to provide a completed valuation within 10 to 15 business days of receipt of the required information. If special circumstances require special timing, we will do what it takes to meet the necessary time-frame.

Will the report explain how you arrived at your valuation conclusions?

We routinely receive comments about how thorough and comprehensive, yet easy to understand, our valuation reports are. The valuation conclusions and analysis are presented, reviewed and fully explained to our clients and their advisors to ensure complete understanding.

Is the information kept confidential?

We understand the sensitive nature of a company’s internal information and treat the information with the utmost confidentiality and care. Information related to our clients is never released to outside parties without prior authorization.

Are your Valuation conclusions defensible in the event it is challenged? 

Sun Business Valuations, LLC is accredited through the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. Our valuation conclusions are clearly presented and explained. Sun will stand behind all of its business valuation conclusions in the event of a challenge. Sun Business Valuation is affiliated with Sun Mergers and Acquisitions a firm that handles the sale of private companies. This affiliation provides added credibility to Sun Business Valuation Reports.

What will the valuation report look like and what information will it contain?

The business valuation report is presented in a very professional, comprehensive and understandable maner. Our reports include: An explanation of the purpose of the valuation; Relevant information about the subject company including a description of the company and its market positioning; Detailed recast / adjusted income statements and balance sheets; A thorough presentation of the business risk factors specific to the company and industry; A review and assessment of the prevailing economic conditions and trends in the industry. Most reports consider and include 4 to 6 alternate valuation methodologies and detailed explanation of the results of each valuation method selected. Depending upon the specifics of the company and the purpose of the valuation conclusions are arrived at utilizing a weighted average of the various valuation indications of the methodologies utilized.

How customized will the valuation be to the specifics of my company and the purpose of the valuation?

Unlike many firms that rely on templates and “boilerplate” formats, Sun customizes each valuation and the selection of valuation methodologies to specifically address the unique purpose of the valuation and account for the individual aspects of each company and industry.

Are you able to, and will you provide, references?

We appreciate that obtaining a business valuation is a serious matter with important implications to our clients. We encourage you to speak to former clients to validate our capabilities and their experiences with Sun Business Valuations, LLC. Upon your request we would be pleased to provide multiple references.

Can you tell me about the business valuation accreditations and affiliations held by Sun Business Valuations, LLC?

?Sun Business Valuations, LLC is a long-time member of the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) and National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. Sun Business Valuation professionals all have professional Certified Valuation Analyst Credentials. Sun’s valuations have been reviewed and accepted by many highly respected accounting firms, stand up to legal scrutiny, and conform to IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60.

What differentiates Sun from others in this field?

Please go to the “What Differentiates Sun” section of our website to see the main factors that distinguish Sun Business Valuations.

What is a discount for lack of marketability?

A discount for lack of marketability is a valuation discount applied in the valuation of a business which the holder may have difficulty in selling because of such circumstances as a lack of an organized market place for the asset or some particular characteristics of the asset which make it more difficult to sell. The discount for lack of marketability is usually applied to the fair market value of a company.

What is a minority discount?

A minority discount is a discount applied in a business valuation to reflect the fact that the ownership interest being valued is a minority interest and thus lacks certain benefits that would be attributed to a controlling interest in the company being valued. Examples include lack of management, key decision making, compensation and liquidity timing.

Does Sun Business Valuation provide expert witness services? 

Sun Business Valuations is frequently called upon to provide expert witness services. We are a Certified Business Valuation firm, hence our testimony has proven to be highly influential.

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